Don’t Put Your Light Down

As I set up for class, one of the first things I do is place a battery operated candle at the center of the room. Just recently, as I placed the candle on the stand, its light shut off. When I picked it up to see what was wrong, it lit up again. After several times of this (going on when I picked it up, off as I placed it down), my  student’s curious eyes started to watch me. So, I prayed, “Lord, is there something You would have me teach them through this?” And lo and behold through God’s grace, there was.

Picking up the unlit candle one more time, only to watch it light up again, I had the children pass it around to one another. Through every hand who held it, the candle shined bright. As it came back to me, I placed it in the stand. Just then one of my students joyfully called out, “It’s not going off anymore!” That’s when I proceeded to explain, “We are God’s hand and feet. This is what the word of God looks like, its brightness shines when it is in our hands and especially when we share it with others.”

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” John 1:5

In the United States, the month of November is known for celebrating Thanksgiving. Pondering the many blessings, to numerous to count, I think about all the people in my life that I am grateful and thankful for. As my thoughts take me deeper, I recognize the gift of prayer and how the love and knowledge of God has been passed down from generation to generation. Those of old, who have helped to make so many lives new.

Out of the book of Genesis we read how Abel, brought his heartfelt offering to God. Passing that love forward it reached many, including the lives of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, many in-between them and many whom would soon follow.  It is nothing less than a privilege to have been given the right of the light to hold and share the word of God, who is indeed worthy to be praised, honored and glorified.

Christ Jesus, who loved and loves us more then we could ever imagine, sent His disciples out to all the nations to proclaim this great news of God. With so much gratitude, by grace  it is my prayer for you to take hold of this generous gift of God’s love, because their are so many wonderful people that only you can reach, waiting  for you to pass it forward to them. So don’t put your light down, but hold it up high for all the world to see. They need you!

Happy Thanksgiving Blessings,

Deanna Danielle


Beautiful card made by, Valentina 4th grade 2016





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