Words Written with Love

Along the coast of Mexico stood a beautiful villa. A sign in front read, ‘Rooms Available’. A man driving by needed a room, so he check in. After putting his bags down, he decided to go for a swim, since it was a glorious, warm day. After beginning to swim, he noticed a sign which read ‘No Swimming — SHARKS!’ He got out of the water, using unkind words, he kicked and tore down the sign, and left the villa in a fury.

Again, the ‘Rooms Available’sign was posted. The next gentleman to check in, unpacked, and went for a stroll. He, too, decided to go for a swim. As he stepped into the water, he caught sight of another sign that read “No Swimming — SHARKS!’ With his heart pounding, he quickly returned to shore. When he approached the rocky beach, he knelt down and prayed, “My Lord and my God, thank you for letting me see this sign, for you rescued me today from being eaten by the sharks.” As he looked out over the water, many moving shark fins were visible. He again thanked God for saving him. Upon his return to the villa, he shared his story with everyone.

This is the story that I shared with my class. After reading it to them, I asked, “Do you think the sign, ‘No swimming — SHARKS!’ were words written with love?” Looking at their expressions, as they answered, “Yes,” you could see there was no doubt amongst them. I now held up a sign with the 10 commandments written on it. I explained, “These, too, are words written with love, by the hand of God.” Exodus 31:18.

With the opportunity to share with our class the differences, between harboring anger and nurturing love within ourselves, I could clearly see that this class is ready to be the reflection of the Ultimate Love.

Some great kids have been added to our class lately. They are Gianluca, Joseph and Frankie. This was Frankie’s first class with us. Here are a few of his written words of love, “Today our class learned about the Ten Commandments. We also learned about being happy for each other and to love everybody.”

As Nancy Spiegelberg once said, “Lord, I crawled across the bareness to you with my empty cup, uncertain in asking for any small drop of refreshment. If only I had known you better, I’d have come running with a bucket.”

Many Blessings,

Deanna Danielle

Words written with love!

Words written with love!



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