Can’t Touch It!

As my students entered the classroom, there on everyone’s desk was a beautiful, freshly picked apple. My first words to them were, “Can’t touch it!” As I saw a few hands get very close, I could only imagine how hard this had to be, after a long day at school. I took advantage of the moment, however, and read them the story of Adam and Eve.

I read how God created heaven and earth, then the garden of Eden, where life began. Next, He created a man and a woman, whom He guided, blessed, and gave them everything they needed, and more. God warned them to stay away from a certain tree in the middle of the garden, saying, “You must not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.” The book followed how life was filled with much happiness, until one day when a very great temptation arose. Disobeying God’s warning, Adam and Eve had the desire for more, and ate from the tree, which resulted in the the fall of man.

After reading the story to them, I said, “You may all eat your apples now.” I believe Cecilia spoke for the class, as a look of concern came over her face as she asked quietly, “Is it okay to eat apples now?” You’ve got to love it! Priceless moments like this say they care.

I now asked them why Jesus died on the cross. The responses from most of my students were great on how He died. On the other hand, even though James could not find all the words, he knew the reason why He died, and it had something to do with our sin. Gabriella also got it right when she said, “He died so we can go to heaven!” As we read and meditate on the living word of God in the Bible, we can truly see how it is an invitation to a beautiful way of life. The story of Adam and Eve is not the end, it is just the beginning. God let it be known that He would never leave us, or forsake us, if we call upon Him.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” When I think about all that God has done for us, I could not put my words together any better than the singer, Big Daddy Weave, in his song, Overwhelmed.                       

Wishing you all God’s beautiful blessings,

Deanna Danielle

Picture taken by Ben

Picture taken by Ben

3 thoughts on “Can’t Touch It!

  1. God is always pouring His creativity into you to teach the children and us adults. Love the story,
    Love the outcome, Love the joy you bring to the Lord!!

    As for the photo- Ben you took an awesome picture!! great Job!!

    Love Aunt Gloria

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