New Friends

From our first game of speed meeting to setting up play dates, 201 Boulevard’s 1st grade class is moving up! From our first blog, ‘ Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 1st grade’ to our last blog, ‘New Friends’, I have to say, it was a really sweet experience…

While our class watched a video, I took them aside one by one. As we sat in the little chairs facing each other, I asked them what they’ve learned. It has to be one of the greatest gifts, as a catechist, to hear a student say, as Ally did, “I learned Jesus loves me, God blessed me, and how to pray.”  This is the same Ally who asked, “…deliver us from evil.” , what does that mean?” and also “Did they get haircuts back then?” As a teacher, I love to see my students seeking questions that will bless them with A Day of Discovery!

Throughout the school year, there have been times when we’ve had a Change Of Plans or relied on Improvisation. For instance, when there were no costumes to play the part of Mary and Joseph, and we used pink tissue on Paula’s head and the paper towels on Jack’s as they embraced baby Jesus. Or, when Ewan raised his hand and asked, “I eat apples, am I bad?” I’m so grateful to have God with us as we enter these precious moments and respond to  sensitive questions! Let me not forget our game of Volleyball, when the hands of Emma and Salvatore were used for our scoreboard.

Whether we are going through the The Storms of Life where we can be encouraged by David defeating Goliath, (even if I have to ask, does anyone know what a giant is?) Or, when Gianluca drew a picture of his fish and himself, reflecting on Unconditional Love, we know there is  A Time For… everything. There is also a time when students leave a great Impression on their teacher. I’ll never forget when my nephew, Ben, brought one of those special moments when he shared, “I prayed to God, and He healed me!” As Charlotte said it so perfectly, “Love is a gift from God.”

So, it could be that Aidan M, becoming the new Pope Patrick or that Aidan S. Is sharing what he learned about Noah having all the animals on the boat, and that God is love. Also, it could be Ashley and Salvatore’s picture being in the Catholic New York newspaper for You’re in My Heart Haiti orphan project. Or, Gianluca and Samantha reenacting a Baptism and naming their baby Jackson. Or, any of the following; Patrick’s little ways, that remind me of ‘The Little Rascals.’ Nikolaus, who is saving for a motorcycle already, Mary, who is always there ready to make things happen, and of course Elizabeth, who came to class with a different braided coiffure every week, and impressed me each time (being a stylist, I just had to mention that). I felt very blessed to have been a part of their little lives, Planting Seeds and watching Blooming Gardens.

I would like to take a moment to share something Samantha said to me, “God is special to us,” and a part of the class that she will always remember is our helpers, Dominique, Kristen, Gabby, and her new friends! (thanks Samantha for giving me the title for our class Blog 🙂

This is my Thanksgiving Prayer. I thank you, Father, for the wonderful gift of Jesus, your Son, and the grace of Your Holy Spirit, who guides us always. Thank you for the blessings of our families, and the New Friends that we’ve become with each other.  As it is written, “And the Scripture was fulfilled that says, Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness—and he was called a friend of God.” James 2:23. Thank You for being our Lord and for the privilege of being your friend. May peace, happiness and great health be with us always, and when we look at the Cross may we forever see a Big Hug!  Amen.

P.S. Thank you, Ben, for bringing in the World’s Best Mom project for all the kids. Also, Jack, for putting in so much time setting up the freeze dance game for our class. You helped make it an extra special day!

Many blessings,



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