Change Of Plans

I am grateful for the opportunity to share God’s love through our first grade class. During the last two weeks, our class has been involved in the filmmaking of 201 Boulevard. My plan was to film one hour a week for two weeks, to prepare for a film festival that I would like our class to be part of.

At our first week of filming, I was asked to take in a second class. No problem. With Dominique, Kristin, Hope, and Juliana helping, we can do this. I had prepared a lesson, so the girls could lead part of the class while I went into another classroom to start filming. I have to say, after filming for a few minutes, I knew we had a lot of little stars in our class, and they were all ready to give it their best. I’d say, “Okay, say that line one more time,” after they had already said it five times. They’d just giggle, with a sigh and smile, saying, “again!” They were so excited to get it just right.

Back in the classroom, the lesson was going on about Adam and Eve. How God told them  never to eat the forbidden fruit on the tree in the middle of the Garden. As Dominique shared how they bit into the apple, Ewan raised his hand and said, “I eat apples, am I bad?” Thank God for His grace as we enter these precious moments and respond to  sensitive questions! Both filming and class were cut short when we were reminded one of our parish priests was waiting for us at the church. We quickly packed up and headed over.

On our arrival, the priest said, “repeat after me.” He said, “Jesus” and the class repeated, “Jesus” and at that moment a few of the kids began chatting, so to get their attention he turned to them and said “HELLO.” In a moment, 28 first graders repeated “HELLO” in his same tone! It was so funny the priest, himself, could not keep a straight face.

As we plan our time, it’s very important that we leave room for change, because it’s often in the change of plans that some wonderful things will take place. As I plan for this upcoming week, week 3, to finish with the filming project, I pray for God’s blessing, peace, grace, protection and guidance to live my life in the plan He has prepared for me. As David said in the Psalm 139:3-18 , “ You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where to stop and rest. Every moment You know where I am…” This always reminds me that God takes care of us.

Last week was Dominique’s last week with our class, since lacrosse practice has begun. Now, it’s up to Kristin and me to fill in the joy that Dominique’s presence brought to our class. We are going to miss you Domi!

I look forward to sharing our film production with you in next week’s blog.

Blessings Always,
Picture taken by Dominique

Picture taken by Dominique

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