Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 1st grade

Why 201 boulevard, you ask? It’s the place we meet every monday, at 3:30 to share the awesome love God has for us. Hey, Sesame Street had great success with their address, I figured, how could we go wrong!!!

I’ve been teaching for 10 years, from grades 3-8th. This is my first year with the 1st grade, and I love it! I love the innocence. No one is sneaking under the desk a quick text 🙂 while I am talking… Although now, I have to remember, when I am reading a story about David and Goliath, I have to ask does anyone know what a giant is? Funny, only two raised their hand. I heard, “It’s was a big snake!” and, “Oh, I know! It’s the man in Jack and the Beanstalk!” Then another brave voice called out, “It’s a scary monster!” Ok, so we have a little work to do, but I am looking forward it!

I’ve been very blessed, my daughter Dominique is there to help. She amazes me. She fills in the gaps, keeps me organized and is great with the kids. It’s wonderful to teach with another set of eyes, you can see more 🙂

Making the sign of the Cross, no problem. Being a visual learner myself, it is the only way I can teach. Funny, how somethings can never go out of your mind, when you can see it! I remember my children watching Barney & The Backyard Gang, back in the day (they are now 22, 20, 16 and 14). When Barney said; “When you are getting in the car, always think of your seatbelt as a great big hug!” I have been wearing it ever since, I can’t get in the car without it!  So to that I say; When you make the sign of the Cross, remember:

  1.  Jesus is on our mind  2.  Jesus is in our heart                                                                          3.  Jesus holds us tight   4.  Jesus gives us freedom.

  When I was younger, I asked my Dad, Why he tapped his heart after making the sign of the cross. He told me, he was giving his heart to God. So, to me there is now 5 steps, to making the sign of the Cross 🙂

“Let the children come to Me”  Luke 18:16

Many blessings,

Have a great day,

Deanna                                                                                        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prvv2cQAtdg

5 thoughts on “Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 1st grade

  1. Congrats on the blog Deanna. I will look forward to following. You have given me a whole new outlook on life…..you are my guardian angel..ty!!!!!

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